Will Mullins

Will’s poetry, short stories, and guest blog articles have appeared in Half Tones to Jubilee, Riverwind, REAL: The Journal of Liberal Arts, Limestone, Cyclamens and Swords Magazine, Scrittura Magazine, California Quarterly, Off the Coast, On the Veranda, Orange Coast Review, Rune Bear, Rye Whiskey Review, Salmon Creek Journal, Ripples in Space, The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, Theme Park Magazine, Startup Nation, and Submittable’s Guest Blog.

Sublime Terrain

Shadowy images,

forging in the soul

what living visions

have sought to express,


are riparian forms,

bearers of dreams,

eager crimson rivers

ascending wind-swept limbs

of newly born castles,

filled with night beasts

among the Carpathian mountains.

Candle Light

Within a candle’s gentle glow,

amidst the flame of this lit statue,

I find the warmth of your kisses.

I yearn for your fangs upon my body.

Our bodies stretch out to become

fiery canvases in each other’s mouths.

We pass our hands through the flame,

and we become artists—

Surrounded by dim reflections

of life on the walls around us.