Ayush Mukherjee

Founder | Editor (Jul 21-)

Ayush is a writer of low-key romances and slice-of-life fiction. A theorist at heart, he can often be spotted at conventional nooks of isolation around the city—atop library shelves and behind coffee spoons. He is opinionated about trivial matters and plans to realize fiction as a tool of import within classrooms.

His works are not too many and far between. He has been published in The Threepenny Review and Ghost City Review.

Ankit Jha

Founder | Publisher, Backend (Jul 21-)

Ankit dabbles in a bit of many things, from fantasy fiction, graphic novels, games, manga. He has an allergy towards YA content, which seems to have no cure. He has recently discovered Le Guin, and is mesmerized. He is actively building a gaming startup and co-writing a novel.

Pavan Kumar Rambatla

Reader, Community Events (Apr 22-)

Pavan is a writer who likes to plot the climax of the seventh book in a galaxy spanning series of fantasy novels before he starts writing down the prologue to the first book in the series. He can be found at cafes staring at a blank screen or in bookstores hiding behind bookshelves waiting to be ambushed by fans of books he is yet to publish.

He is currently co-authoring a fantasy novel that, frankly speaking, should already have been picked up for an on-screen adaptation. He plans to have a word with his agent about this as soon as he manages to hire one.