Tales of Blood & Others

Syeda Tehreem Irfan

Tehreem’s poetry has appeared in the Trouvaille Review, in a digital mental health anthology, Pluviophile, and also in an anthology by the Writer’s Pocket set to publish in the upcoming months.
She currently is a medical student living in Karachi, Pakistan.

Lovely Bones

lovely bones of broken hills,
calloused hands and candles of grim,
blurry smokes and voices of thrill:
come hither;
for I wish to kill.

Tales of Blood

Scintillating falls of crooning gold
delving in jars of dissipated cold:
rest my soul in tales of blood,
Before the angels char my name.

Dear December

Pink Blossoms dancing along with the wind,
purple skies following hollow footprints.
Clogged blood flowing down the drain;
dear December, I heard you killed again?