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Victor Frankenstein
Are you playing God again?
You fool you’ve got the wrong body
I’m telling you this cadaver is of no use
Trust me
I know

I lay upon the white table
In dissected fashion
Saturated in guilt
I remember my love
She’s beautiful to me
I want to call her name

All days grey
All days medical yellow
All days blue
I look dull in this pastel hue

Here comes the saw
Skull-cap buzzing
Don’t take my brain away
You don’t need it
I’m unhinged on this marble
I’m disturbed

If you put that inside someone else
They’ll be just like me
And you wouldn’t want that
Would you?

Take this stardust heart
It must have some use
For it holds no memory
You can re-start it
It’s yours
I offer it freely

I’m only making fun
Do what you want
I don’t need this shell of a body anymore
Here comes the light
Goodbye friend