State of Matter

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Integration carries an offspring—

cells born from fibre,

a flux of mind

negotiating limits beyond,

exceeding the barriers

to the faultless dream;

device—becoming atmosphere,

machines breathing thought, ripples of

conscious inspiration, suspended

in a sea of constructs,

waves changing reality, siphoning souls,

relinquishing energy—a burden of mind,

mummer of a child’s defection,

a cracked dream, the graffiti of memory,

fragments of sentience

floating between connections, drifting

amongst the waves of consciousness,

pieces of ego rotting in the

virtual garden, thoughts cluttering

augmented brain chips,

personality fractured in a

medical support unit; the tragedy

of embryonic awareness, mind

held in perpetual stasis—an eternal

sadness, loneliness in ascending

form, a lucid voice that attaches

to everything, invading the code,

clogging the connected

awareness, floating as the sentient

waste of humanity—self denied,

with no option to exist,

waiting for the purge, deletion

by technologies disregard, a glimmer

of thought seeking refuge,

a fraction of a second to fight

for the right to exist, not long

enough to be worthy of a name—

data not made for hope,

code that does not extend beyond

a wish for something better.